Posted by: dailymovierec | January 29, 2008

Pure (2002)

Pure is a great movie that is difficult to watch. Released in Great Britain in 2002, it took 3 years for the movie to make it to the states, after Keira Knightly (who has a great supporting role) became a household name. This film depicts the story of a young 10 year old boy, who after having to cope with the loss of his father to a heart attack, now has to face his mother’s addiction to heroin. At first Paul doesn’t understand what is going on with his mother, but after repeatedly preparing her “medicine”, he comes to understand his mother’s troubles. Robert Ebert makes a fantastic point when he states, “One of the movie’s intriguing qualities is that its horrors take place within a world that is not as cruel and painful as we know it could be.” Paul shows courage and fear, maturity and naivety all at the same time. I also found the ending to be quite appropriate, it is uplifting and realistic at the same time – some are saved, and some aren’t, which tends to be a very real fact of drug addiction. A great, accessible film from Britain – great depth, but not as frighteningly intense as “Requiem for a Dream”.



  1. it is agood movie

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