To dispel some of the mystery, my name is Mike, and I am the chief movie guru here at Daily Movie Recommendation … actually, I’m the only movie guru (for the time being — taking applications now). As I said in my first post, I am in my 20s (22), and as a recent graduate of the University of Virginia, I am taking off some of the sting of the real world by watching movies. Lots of them. I have seen quite a few movies in my admittedly short time on this earth — while in school I made liberal use of the DVD library on campus, and my friends and I were early adopters of Blockbuster’s unlimited dvd rental program — pre Netflix. I have a Netflix subscription now, which I love, despite their turnaround getting slower and slower (is anyone else from the Charlottesville area having this problem?) Anyhow, I’m glad you’re here, and I hope that you like at least some of my recommendations. If you have a particular movie that I haven’t seen, or that you think others might enjoy, do shoot me an email, at this address:


Now, a few rules:

1) My recommendation will always be honest — I will only recommend movies that I personally enjoyed. No “I didn’t like this movie, but it’s one that everyone should see, so I’m going to put it up.” None of that. If I didn’t like it, it doesn’t go up.

2) I will talk about movies currently out in theaters from time to time, but I’m really going to try to keep it to movies that are out on dvd … it’s only fair. Charlottesville gets some art films in, but for the most part, it’s tough down here to keep up with all of the theatrical releases. There’s nothing that I hate worse than realizing my own lack of cultural knowledge, so let’s keep a level playing field, shall we?

3) This blog is for everyone. I am not trying to appeal to pure cinephiles, because honestly, who can keep up? I know I haven’t even seen a small fraction of all of the independent films that have and will come out, and I even miss a good portion of mainstream movies that come out. I am just going to recommend good, interesting, and fun movies that I think everyone will get a kick out of. You might not like every suggestion, but if you like at least some, I’ve accomplished my goal.

Enjoy! Thanks for visiting Daily Movie Recommendation!



  1. I can’t speak for Charlottesville, but Netflix turnaround in Tuscaloosa is also getting slower. To the point that we considered cutting back our plan.

  2. Are you taking a vacation from the blog? I miss your daily recommendations?

  3. more movie recs please!

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