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The Lookout (2007)

The Lookout, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jeff Daniels, is a movie from early 2007 which I feel like a lot of people missed. I think a major reason for this was the marketing behind the film: it was pegged as an action thriller, with a gunfight and a bank heist thrown in to complete the package. Granted, these were certainly elements that existed within the plot, but at its core, The Lookout is a character driven modern noir, about a broken young man piecing his life back together, with the key phrase,”Whoever has the money has the power,” becoming his mantra, and ultimately the tipping point of the movie as he reclaims what is his.

Approach this film with an open mind. Much like Michael Clayton from last summer (another phenomenal film that died at the box office — I guess character pieces can’t make money these days?), The Lookout has an knack for defying both convention and categorization, evidenced by the aforementioned advertisements, which were about as accurate as birdshot. I give this movie my whole hearted recommendation — it’s fun, exciting, incredibly tight, and features some great performances. Give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed (unless of course you are, in which case I take no responsibility).

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Repo Man (1984)

Repo Man is a movie that falls into that nebulous category of “cult classic” — the morass of the great films that have been forgotten, and the terrible films that should be. Movies that fall into this category share one thing in common: they tend to blend categories, making a mix that attempts to appeal to as many viewers as possible, usually in an attempt to make up for areas in the film that are seriously lacking, usually production values and / or plot.

Repo Man however is an exception. A smart, funny, and visceral film, this is the story of Otto, a recently recruited repo man, and his battle against a UFO government conspiracy, complete with a 1964 Chevy Malibu equipped with a cop melting trunk. All set to a classic punk rock soundtrack — and not just the usual Sex Pistols fare, but hardcore LA punk relevant to the time and place of the movie.

I heartily recommend the film because it’s weird and different, but has enough humor, sci-fi, and action elements to draw in almost every viewer. Who doesn’t love an early ’80s Emilio Estevez anyway?

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Jane Eyre (2006)

To start this all off, I wanted to pick a movie that might serve to break some boundaries. As a young guy in his 20s, with a movie recommendation blog that has a scene from Blade Runner (great movie by the way) as his header, certain “stereotypes” tend to exist. I do love sci-fi movies, and in the past I have been known to be a bit of a film snob — however, I love all good movies, whether they are cerebral or mainstream, action or romance. So, without further adieu, the inaugural film of Daily Movie Recommendation is …

Jane Eyre (2006)

Yes, this is the Masterpiece Theater version, and yes, it is excellent, but not in the stiff boring way that you are thinking. It is a bit long (202 minutes), but it is a quick 3 1/2 hours, even though I would recommend breaking it into two parts … not because it is difficult to get through, but because the breadth of the acting and the story are best enjoyed slowly. I’ve always hated the book Jane Eyre, because I felt that the plot did not justify the story’s length. Here Jane Eyre has been boiled down to an almost suspenseful thriller, with a surprising dash of bodice ripping thrown into the mix. That’s right — Jane Eyre is sexy now!

All in all, this movie was a pleasant surprise — a movie that I have come back to several times already, simply for the pure pleasure of watching. Isn’t that the measure of a good movie, after all?

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